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Frustrated with Check Engine Lights, Stop Engine Lights and Regeneration issues? 
Have you experienced Loss of Revenue due to down time?
How long does it take to get into the local shops for repair?
How much have you paid for Towing this week, month or year?
Have you experienced loss of power or de-rated engine performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to give Regeneration Services, LLC a call. The DPF Filter may need cleaning, and that can end up costing you money. Call on us, and then rest assured your significant investment is in good hands. Don’t be taken by surprise when it’s time for DPF maintenance. Get proactive and schedule your down time!

Consistent, dependable, efficient performance

We’re RS – Regeneration Services.

Cleaning will be performed by hand versus the automated method.  This will ensure OEM specifications are obtained upon completion. 

Our Services

Regeneration Services, LLC will perform a complete DPF evaluation, inclusive to flow inspection, cleaning, cell examination and analysis of soot/ash load before and after cleaning. This procedure will be performed on-site for your convenience, to expedite the process and promote value to you the customer.